Big Red Dinner, guest chef Analiese Gregory – 18 August 2018

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Jorge Nunes

Join us for yet another fabulous Big Red Dinner at Huka Lodge. The theme for this is the wines of Portugal, showcasing what is fast becoming a global phenomenon. Recently, the highly respected Wine Spectator magazine had this to say on the subject "If you miss Portuguese wines, you will be missing out on what is arguably the most exciting new wine chapter in 21st-century wine modernity." We are delighted to be sharing some of this same excitement at Huka Lodge when we welcome Jorge Nunes to talk about the history of Portugal and its wines in the afternoon, prior to hosting a five-course dinner.

Jorge Nunes

Jorge joins us from Hong Kong where he is based as Asia Pacific Market Manager for the very prestigious Symington Family Estates. During the evening Jorge will introduce you to a selection of fine wines from the Douro Valley, including a range of premium ports from Graham’s. Jorge has carefully chosen these to complement the stunning cuisine of our guest chef, Analiese Gregory.

Jorge Nunes was born in Porto, Portugal; he studied in his hometown until he decided to follow a tradition spanning five generations of his family and enrolled at the Universidade de Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro, to study oenology. Ironically, his graduation in early 2006 coincided with the family business being sold, and no longer in family hands.   

During his studies, Jorge worked in various wineries in Portugal and also in the Napa Valley, California. One of these periods of work experience was spent at Quinta dos Malvedos, Graham’s flagship vineyard. At the time Jorge never imagined years later he would be working for the owners, Symington Family Estates. All these valuable experiences gave him the opportunity to further increase his knowledge and expertise, while also serving to further fuel his passion and love of winemaking,

Following graduation, Jorge had experience working for a wine company, specialising in wine education, wine shop sales, a wine magazine and wine-related events. This proved to be a vital first insight into the marketing and sales arena and an influence on his current professional status.

In 2007, Jorge joined Symington Family Estates working in various key areas including winemaking, tourism and sales. He is based in the Douro Valley from mid-August to early October of each year, helping with the winemaking, alongside with his fellow winemakers. This was one of the key factors that led Symington Family Estates to choose him as their Port representative in Asia in 2008, and for the USA from 2010 onwards.

Since 2012, Jorge has been based in Hong Kong, in order to best serve the markets he manages, providing the right support and style of presence that these emerging markets demand. He is currently responsible for the Symington Family Estates portfolio of wines in Asia and Pacific regions.


Analise Gregory

Analiese Gregory

Analiese Gregory 

Analiese was born New Zealand and also spent a few childhood years travelling in remote areas of Australia with her parents. Analiese launched into her career as a chef at the age of 15, studying at Auckland University of Technology and graduating with a Diploma of Culinary Arts.  

Analiese’s glittering CV starts with her time at Logan Brown in Wellington, New Zealand, before travelling across the world to work in Europe’s most prestigious kitchens, including time at: 2-Michelin-Star restaurants; The Ledbury and Le Meurice, World’s Top 50 Mugaritz and revered 3-Michelin-Star restaurant Michel Bras. 

Returning closer to home, Analiese then spent five years alongside Peter Gilmore, brigading the team at Quay, in Sydney, as it joined the exalted ranks of the San Pellegrino Top 50. 

In 2014, following her time at Quay, Analiese then jetted off to the deserts of Morocco, to run a pop-up restaurant out of Numero 7. Back in Australia, she then joined the team behind Acme in the kitchen, in January 2015, before it was decided that they wanted to open a bar reflective of the natural wine bars they encountered in Europe, Bar Brosé. 

From March 2016 Analiese then headed up her own Sydney kitchen at Bar Brosé, cooking a menu largely defined by what she would want to cook for friends if they were coming over for a dinner party. Her menu, based on the food she learnt, tasted and cooked overseas and her love for cooking French food, also drew on elements of her Chinese heritage. Analiese has been heralded for many memorable signature dishes with Bar Brosé receiving many awards accordingly.

Recently Analiese has moved to Tasmania to head the kitchen at Franklin, Hobart, and to realise her long-held dream to live closer to the land, to forage, to grow and pick vegetables and to create memorable cuisine in Franklin’s beautiful open kitchen, with a wood fired oven. Tasmania’s bounty offers a unique opportunity for this incredibly talented young chef to shine as an even brighter star. 

Presented with our compliments, at no additional cost beyond the normal rate.