The central North Island offers some of the best hunting in New Zealand. This is available all year round with the possibility of good trophy heads. Bird hunting is seasonal and includes pheasant, duck, and quail, turkeys are plentiful and can be hunted at any time. Allow us create a hunt to suit your specific requirements.

All prices quoted below are inclusive of a 15% Goods and Services Tax (GST).

Deer, Pig and Goat

Access is by four-wheel drive vehicle or helicopter and in all cases hunting is carried out on private land. Whilst game park (behind wire) hunts are available, our emphasis is always on fair chase hunting for wild animals. Deer species include red, fallow, sika, and sambar. You could also hunt wild boar and goats.

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Turkey Shooting

• NZ$607.00 for 4 hours.

• NZ$1,088.00 for 8 hours, including lunch.

An additional NZ$57.00 per turkey shot will be charged.

Transport, hunting guide, firearms and ammunition are included. Local taxidermists can do justice to your trophy, fees are available on request.