The history of this volcanic region combined with stunning scenery, fresh, clean rivers, a huge lake and strong Maori culture make it one of the most interesting areas for walking and hiking.

You will need good walking boots, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, camera, waterproof jacket and clothing appropriate to the various weather conditions. 

Lake cruise and hike

This 5-hour round trip for those with a medium to high fitness level, starts when your experienced guide meets you at the Lodge and you are transferred to the small lake-side village of Kinloch.

The two-hour guided hike through regenerating native bush, leads you to a panoramic views over the Western Bays of Lake Taupo.

You will head down towards Kawakawa Bay, a remote and secluded bay that is only accessible by boat or on foot. Once there, you will be met by your vessel for lunch onboard.

Fishing, lunch, fishing licences and four-wheel drive transfer to Kinloch are included. Cruise ends at Taupo Marina, with transfers back to Huka Lodge.

NZ$2,960 per trip NZ$3,160.00 per trip NZ$3,325.00 per trip

Guided heli-hike

Combine a 45-minute scenic helicopter flight with a guided hike in the spectacular surroundings of Lake Rotopounamu, Kaimanawa Forest Park or Pureora Forest Park. Sturdy footwear and warm protective layers of clothing are essential. Price includes helicopter, guide and light lunch. Allow at least 4-8 hours depending on walk. A reasonable level of fitness is required.

Waipakihi Hut

Approximately a 5-hour hike for the fit, starts with a scenic helicopter flight to the Waipakihi Hut, you will then be guided over the alpine ridgeline of the Kaimanawa Forest Park, with expansive views of the Tongariro National Park and Lake Taupo. Descending to the Tongariro River where you will be met for your 45-minute transfer by road back to Taupo.

Lake Rotopounamu hike

This greenstone lake nestled on the side of Mt. Pihanga to the south of Taupo is a special place for tree lovers and birdwatchers. This 2.5-hour hike around the lake takes you through stunning native bush and makes for a most enjoyable outing. A lower level of fitness is required for this hike. 

Tongariro - Huka Lodge | Taupo Luxury Retreat | New Zealand

Mt. Tongariro

Tongariro Alpine Crossing

Take a guided or unguided native flora and fauna hike to experience what is considered to be the best one-day hike in New Zealand.

This 7-9 hour hike (18.5km one way), in the Tongariro World Heritage Park will take you past some of the most volcanically active and scenic spots in the area. The track winds up the Mangatepopo Valley to the saddle between Mt. Tongariro and Mt. Ngauruhoe. It then climbs to the Red Crater before dropping down to the vivid Emerald Lakes. After passing the Blue Lake, the track cuts around the northern slope of Mt. Tongariro and descends in a zigzag to the Ketetahi hut. 

NZ$635.00 – drop off and collection by private vehicle NZ$1,770.00 – summer conditions, exclusive guide 1-4 guests including return transfers

NZ$410.00 –one way transfer (between car parks). Self drive to National Park and back.


From 01 June to 15 October the Tongariro Crossing enters winter conditions, and ice axes and crampons are required. Independent hikes are not recommended. Guides can be arranged on request. Prices on request.

Half-day guided hike

For those who would like a shorter excursion of approx. 4 hours, there are various half-day hikes to choose from. Price includes transport and a guide.

Lake Rotopounamu

This secluded greenstone-coloured lake is nestled on the side of Mt. Pihanga to the south of Taupo, within the Tongariro National Park, is a special place for both tree lovers and also for birdwatchers. This beautiful lake is fed by seven streams, is 9 metres deep and covers one square kilometre. Lake Rotopounamu was formed by a landslide approx. 10,000 years ago and these days is renowned for its beautiful mature trees and wonderful native bird sightings.

Hike time 2½ hours, travel time 1½ hours return. Low-medium fitness required.


Tongariro National Park – Taranaki Falls hike OR Silica Rapids

Hike across easy mountainous terrain to view these spectacular falls. Hiking or Silica Rapids: sub-alpine plants, tussock country and mountain beech forest offers an interesting hike to view the terraces of the Silica Rapids and the spectacle of the surrounding mountains.

Hike time 2½ hours, travel time 2 hours return. Low-medium fitness required.


Waihaha River hike

Follow the Waihaha River through a picturesque gorge and beech trees ascending a ridge and then back to the river again. This hike treks through podocarp hardwood forest and finishes at the Waihahi Hut. The return route is via the same trail. Hike time 5 hours, travel time 1½ hours return.

Tama Lake hike

After leaving the Taranaki Falls walk, you will cross over undulating tussock country and alpine herb fields. The track then branches off to the Tama Lakes. There is an overview of the lower lake, and then the track climbs steeply to the upper lake.

Tama Lake occupies old explosion craters on the Tama saddle between Mts. Ruapehu and Ngauruhoe.

Hike time 5-6 hours, travel time 2 hours return.


Bird watchers hike

Opepe Reserve

This 3-hour guided excursion starts with a 30-minute vehicle transfer from the Lodge to Opepe historical native bush reserve.

The terrain is easy and the hike is interesting, taking in such sights as the graveyard where members of the Bay of Plenty Cavalry, who died in an engagement with the famed Maori warrior Te Kooti and his followers were buried. There is a great variety of native New Zealand birds and stunning native forest.

Binoculars and a backpack are supplied. Light refreshments may also be arranged on request.


Lake Rotopounamu

This greenstone lake nestled on the side of Mt. Pihanga to the south of Taupo is a special place for both tree lovers and also for birdwatchers. Hike time 2½ hours, travel time 1½ hours return. Low-medium fitness required.

All prices quoted above are inclusive of a 15% Goods and Services Tax (GST).

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