Huka Lodge

Aerial view of Huka Lodge - Huka Lodge | Taupo Luxury Retreat | New Zealand

Aerial view of Huka Lodge

Huka Lodge is located in Taupo, in the central North Island of New Zealand. The central plateau enjoys a gentle climate, a leisurely pace and spectacular landscape. Snow-capped volcanic mountain peaks, wild tussock, green and lush wilderness, the clear blue waters of lakes and streams. So many features reminiscent of other landscapes and other lands, are all contained within this one area.

The Lodge’s central location ensures guests are never far from areas of interest. A ten-minute drive takes them to the township of Taupo, or a one-hour drive to nearby geothermal Rotorua. A journey through New Zealand from either north or south, will pass through Taupo offering the opportunity to experience superb hospitality at Huka Lodge.

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It’s nice to find heaven on earth here at Huka Lodge.

How to get to Huka Lodge


Driving by rental car or limousine generally takes approx 3-4 hours from Auckland, 4.5 hours from Wellington and 1-hour from Rotorua.

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Should you wish for us to book your transportation for you, please contact us.


Scheduled domestic flights travel daily to Taupo from Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

Huka Helicopter transfers from Auckland, Wellington and Rotorua. Enjoy the scenic wonders of the central North Island and be delivered to the front lawn of Huka Lodge. Auckland to Huka Lodge is approx 1 hour 15 minutes, Wellington to Huka Lodge – 1 hour 35 minutes and Rotorua to Huka Lodge – 25 minutes.

Charter flights are available on request. Should you wish us to book this for you, please contact us.

Private Jets


Official Airport Name: Taupo Airport
Operational Hours: Inquire at [email protected]
Latitude: 38º 44' 23.00" S
Longitude: 176º 05' 04.00" E
Elevation: 1335 feet (407 metres)
Magnetic Variation: 020º E (01/06)


ID: 17/35
Dimensions: 4547 x 98 F  1386 x 30 M
Surface: Asphalt
ID: 11/29
Dimensions: 2398 x 197 F  731 x 60 M
Surface: Grass or earth, not graded or rolled
PCN: -


CTAF: 118.4
AWIB: 125.2
Christchurch FIS: 123.6


Type: NDB-DME and RNAV
Name: Taupo
Channel: 114x
Freq: 230
Distance from field: At field

Bearing from Navis: -


Jet A1, without icing inhibitor. 100/130 octane gasoline, leaded, MIL-L-5572F (GREEN)

Taupo Airport

Phone: +64 7 378 7771
Fax: +64 7 378 7776
Email: [email protected]