Fly fishing package - Huka Lodge | Taupo Luxury Retreat | New Zealand

Fly Fishing Package

Drawing on Huka Lodge’s 90 year history, this two-night package has been created for those who seek to catch a magnificent trout or two.

As its reputation for outstanding trout fishing and fine hospitality spread, Huka Lodge attracted such famous anglers as HM Queen Elizabeth; The Queen Mother, Charles Lindbergh; James A. Mitchener (who wrote part of Return to Paradise there) as well as many famous film stars and public figures of the time.

Conditions were spartan: the main Lodge building contained Pye’s bedroom, the kitchen and a large dining room. Guests slept in heavy canvas tents pitched over wooden slatted floors, however its fame and reputation grew and the visitors book read like an angler’s version of ‘Debrett’.

In 1984, the founder of The Huka Retreats, Alex van Heeren, fell under the same spell and fell in love with the property. He immediately recognised the potential to create a world-class property and his passion and drive have added luxury to a magnificent location.

Today, the clientele and the aura of Huka Lodge are much the same. Though the standards of the original accommodation have changed dramatically, the true spirit of its famed hospitality remains unchanged since 1924.

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